• 14 secrets to help you always be loved by everyone around you

14 secrets to help you always be loved by everyone around you

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Friday, 03/12/2021 09:12

    14 secrets to help you always be loved by everyone around you



We all care about what other people think of us and want to be liked (even if you're still a naughty 15-year-old). The basic principles of getting people to like you are obvious: be a nice, caring, and kind person. Those are all true.

However, there are many smaller and lighter things you can do that have a huge impact on how others think of you.

Most of these tips are simple techniques you can do every day. They may seem petty or even stupid, but give it a try and you might find yourself much more loved.




It is an undeniable fact that everyone cherishes themselves and loves the sound of their name. Remember the names and use them. Always use a person's name in a conversation. This technique that is said to be very effective comes from the classic work "Getting people's hearts" by author Dale Carnegie.


2. SMILE AT MY Emotions


Although we live in the digital age, while modern technology is increasingly replacing human interaction, we are still fundamentally social beings. As humans, we use social interaction as a tool for seeking feedback, and we make many unconscious choices based on how others interpret and respond.

When someone smiles a big smile with complete sincerity, happiness arises in the recipient. Many studies have shown the contagion of mood, whether positive or negative, between individuals.

If your positive attitude brightens someone's day, people will love you for it




It doesn't take much brainstorming to know that people will love you more if you listen to them. This starts with ignoring Twitter/facebook updates while eating out with friends, but it's more than that. You can demonstrate to the other person that you're listening to someone through body language (identifying your body when facing someone and standing facing them), eye contact (reality). input) and verbal confirmation (more on that in the next section).




Most books on psychology refer to this technique as "active listening". Active listening focuses on demonstrating listening skills by repeating what a person has just said to you. For example:

Jack: I went to a great beer tasting event last weekend – I got to taste a lot of local beers from many other places.

You: You must have tried many different beers, right?

Jack: Yeah, it's been fun. My favorite type is Pretty Things Magnifico.

You: Do you really like Magnifico?

Jack: Yeah, that's delicious.

While in writing this may seem like a strange conversation, when put into words, this type of conversation can actually help people like you even more. It makes others feel as if you're really paying attention. In addition, people like to hear their own words repeated because it affects one's self-esteem somewhat.





We just discussed the importance of showing others that you are listening. Snoring during a talk or being stared into the eyes can make the other person uncomfortable.

To really show someone that you're paying attention, try bringing up a topic that the person has mentioned before. Did your colleague talk about working with his son on a science fair project last week? Let's continue that story. Did your friend say she plans to paint the kitchen a different color over the weekend? Ask her what color she likes on Monday. They are not big, lifetime events. In fact, sometimes it's far more impactful than simply being able to recall and show interest in even the smallest things in another person's life.


6. Sincerely Praise and Appreciate the SMALL Things


According to Dale Carnegie - a famous human energy expert, every individual wants to receive genuine evaluation from others. This is in stark contrast to empty flattery, which most people are capable of detecting. No one likes a flatter, and most of us don't like being led by someone else's nose. What people really want is sincere praise - recognition and appreciation for their efforts.

Plus, it's also important to be generous with your compliments. People want to be praised, which is not surprising. It's good to be told that you've done a great job. When someone does something right, tell them so. That will not be forgotten.




In the same vein, while you can be generous with your compliments, limit your criticism. Humans have a very high ego, and even a mildly critical word can hurt someone's self-esteem. Of course correcting someone is sometimes necessary, but it should always have a purpose and be given with care. If someone makes a mistake, don't call them out of a group separately. Instead, it is necessary to be cautious and subtle. Consider offering a sandwich to compliment someone – a very effective strategy that involves expressing appreciation before and after a criticism.




No one wants to be ordered by others. So what do you do when you need to get something done? The truth is that you can get the same results by asking questions as you can by giving orders. The outcome may be the same, but the other person's feelings and attitudes can vary greatly, depending on your approach.

Go from simple: “Jim, I need those reports by tonight. Please send them to me as soon as possible.” to “Jim, do you think you need to send me those reports by this afternoon? I would be very grateful for that.” is a huge difference.




People like to see personality and authenticity. While classical business theory places importance on proper male posture (shoulders back, chest up, strong handshake), it's easy to dismiss it as contrived. .

Instead, try to look both confident and respectful. Some collaboration experts suggest walking over to a person and bending slightly when you are introduced, as a gesture of a nod. These types of gestures can go a long way in making others appreciate you for who you are.




We all love good stories, and such stories require great storytellers. Storytelling is an art form that requires a certain understanding of language and rhythm. Master your interviewing skills with storytelling and people will flock to you like you're a great speaker.


11. “Touch”



This is quite difficult to say, and I am hesitant to mention it because it is clear that this needs to be done in a certain way. This is not an invitation to mingle with your peers. However, it has been shown that even the slightest physiological touch makes people feel closer to you. A good example is lightly touching someone's wrist (with your left hand) while shaking hands (with your right hand) – it's a great way to end a conversation. Not everyone is comfortable with this strategy, and if not for you, that's fine.




Surprisingly enough, asking for someone's advice is one way to make people like you. Asking for advice shows that you value someone's point of view and show them respect. Everyone wants to feel important and needed. When you make someone feel better about themselves, eventually that person is bound to like you.




The fact is, most of us don't like boring people… Instead, we like what is seen as unusual, unique, and sometimes outlandish.

An example would be in interviews, instead of the boring "Nice to meet you" chorus at the end of the interview, add something different, different that makes people think. remember me forever. Try something like “I really enjoyed talking to you today” or “I would be honored to know more about your … company”. You don't have to reinvent yourself - just be who you are.




Asking others questions – about their lives, hobbies, passions – is an effective way to score points in their friendship notebooks. Ordinary people are selfish - they like to talk about themselves. If you're asking questions and letting people talk about themselves, at the end of the conversation they'll probably think you're the best. Even if the conversation doesn't really give the other person a reason to love you, they will subconsciously think better of you for putting their ego first.


Hope you are always loved and respected by everyone around you!

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