Top 14 Funny Men Quote - Man and Woman love Sayings

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14 Funny Men quote- Man and woman love Sayings


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1.The best fighter is never angry

- Lao Tzu


2. Always remember, a cat looks down on man, a dog looks up to man, but a pig will look man right in the eye and see his equal.”

- Winston S. Churchill


3. I am not looking for a “perfect” man. Only one who matches me on an emotional, spiritual, sexual, and intellectual level.”

- Amanda Mosher


4. I think coffee is the best drink known to man. I also think that wine is the best drink known to woman.

- Jarod Kintz


5. If you see yourself as a man, no one will dare to see you as a kid.

- M.F. Moonzajer


6. Guys, you don’t have to act “manly” to be considered a man; you are a man, so just be yourself. You don’t have to prove your masculinity to anyone.

- Miya Yamanouchi


7. A man must drive his time, not be driven by it.

- Khalid Masood


8. Nobody can hurt me without my permission.

- Mahatma Gandhi


9. Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed

- Mahatma Gandhi


10. Every man has the right to risk his own life in order to save it.

- Jean jacques rousseau


11. A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away. 

- Charles schwab


12. "Best way to not get your heart broken, is pretend you don't have one".

- Charlie Sheen


13. " A man can love a million girls but only a real man can love one girl in a million"

- Nikhil Parekh 


14. I don't understand that saying " You are what you eat". Because I don't remember eating a sexy beast this morning.

- Unknown 


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